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Giant Disk Cleaner 6.0

Giant Disk Cleaner assures healthier and better PC performance
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Clean-up your hard drive with Giant Disk Cleaner, get valuable space back. Clear out unuseful files to increase the computer’s performance. This program detects duplicate files or old files not accessed for a long time, even broken shortcuts. You can manage these discovered files and decide what to throw away.

Some files on a computer are necessary for the system to perform properly, but others are not necessary and waste hard drive space. Safely scan and remove junk and obsolete files from the computer and free up extra disk space.

Delete the duplicates or let Giant Disk Cleaner back them up and erase them for you. Scan the system to automatically remove broken shortcuts from Start menu, recent documents and Desktop. Additionally the user may backup obsolete, duplicate and broken shortcut files before erasing them to restore essential files in a breeze.

The deleted files are entirely unrecoverable even to the most advanced recovery tools on the market. Securely erase any file or folder thanks to the most advanced computer file erasing standards.

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  • Clean the hard drive
  • Back up or Delete
  • Free up space
  • Find duplicates


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